Cyber Criminals are Targeting Your Dealership! Are You Prepared? 

Webinar Date:  Wednesday, 5/15/19, 2pm - 3pm (ET) / 11am - 12pm (PT)

Do you believe your dealership is safe from cyber criminals? In the last year large companies like Yahoo!, Equifax, eBay and Marriott have all experienced data breaches that exposed millions of customer records and damaged company reputations.

Auto dealerships are extremely vulnerable to these types of attacks and numerous incidences of data breaches have been documented. Dealerships make attractive targets for cyber criminals because they tend to have a lot of cash in their bank accounts and conduct a large number of electronic financial transactions.

You can have the most secure firewall and best anti-virus software in place, but still be at risk. That's because 91% of data breaches start with a phishing attack. Phishing attacks rely on email to bait and lure employees into downloading viruses, uploading secure information or giving out login credentials to dealership systems.

In simulated phishing attacks, 21-30% of dealership employees click on phishing links, and when prompted, 8-10% of employees enter sensitive login credentials, exposing the dealership to fraud, ransomware and other cyber attacks.

In this presentation, Erik Nachbahr (Founder of Helion Technologies) explains how cyber criminals are successfully breaching dealerships, and shares technology, process and training protocols every dealer should implement immediately to protect their dealership's customer data, bank accounts and reputation.

Dealers who attend this presentation will learn:

  • Network and cloud technology solutions to help keep your dealership secure
  • Internal human processes that reduce the risk of exposure
  • How to provide employee security awareness training, which reduces the risk of a successful phishing attack from 27% to 2%
  • How to create a security incident response plan to ensure preparedness in the event of an attack
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Who'll Be Speaking?


Erik Nachbahr (Founder of Helion Technologies)